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22 February 2019 | Chrismont Wines

New Harvester to elevate Chrismont’s wine-quality

This week our evolutionary new Braud Grape Harvester Destemmer arrived and we’re over-the-moon excited!

Captured here in our pinot grigio vineyard at Whitfield (February 20, 2019), this state-of-the art machine will take wine quality at Chrismont and La Zona to a whole new level, thanks to its gentle and efficient treatment of the fruit as it comes off the vines.

Another revolutionary feature is its ability to remove stems and eliminate other impurities, such as vine stalks and leaves, resulting in extra-clean fruit when it arrives at the winery for crushing.

The Braud’s exceptional operational capacity will also boost efficiency and productivity in the vineyard for Arnie, Warren and our viti-vini teams.

Hopefully its efficiency will also free up a few extra precious hours of sleep here and there for our crew – something that evades all growers and winemakers at this time of the year!

To read more about this Braud Grape Harvester Destemmer, click here.


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