“Meet the Designer: Mark Gleeson – Chrismont Winery”

Step inside the mind and intelligent design of Mark Gleeson of MG Design & Building, the designer/ builder of our gorgeous restaurant and cellar door.

“It’s very much about sharing the intrinsic value of intelligent design, and the continuing success that Chrismont represents as a centrepiece to the region.” 

Posted by Po-Tien Goh (October 2017) – New Age Veneers

“In 2016, M. G. Design & Building won three of the National Association of Building Designers awards for Chrismont Winery: the coveted National Building Design of the Year, Best New/ Alteration/ Addition Design – Commercial and Best Interior Design – Non-Residential.

The project was a 20-year dream in the making, with the client’s love of wine and organic Italian food fusing to create a cellar door and restaurant perched over their 30 + year old vineyards. They wanted an enduring contemporary centrepiece whilst retaining the identity of warmth and hospitality unique to their area.

 With a perfect northerly orientation and unsurpassed views of the Black Ranges, Chrismont Winery has now become a destination for food and wine lovers, having been named the region’s ‘Cellar Door with BEST Food’ by Gourmet Traveller WINE 2017.

Mark Gleeson was the designer behind this project.

At the time, Chrismont was a first for the seasoned residential building design and interior design agency, but Mark’s ability to focus on a guest’s experience still resulted in an award-winning design for this non-residential project.

With a keen understanding of the brief, Mark paid careful attention to the dining experience to ensure hospitality was at the core of the project. He sourced local components for the build as a tribute to the area, successfully creating an inviting space with a stunning vista.

Here, we revisit Chrismont Winery and take “5 Minutes With the Designer” to delve into Mark’s ethos on building and design.”


Meet the Designer: Mark Gleeson – Chrismont Winery