La Zona wins GOLD at Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show

La Zona Arneis 2015 has brought home GOLD from the 2017 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show!

We love this Show for its tenacity and hard work at encouraging us as growers and winemakers to champion these somewhat lesser known varieties, and for encouraging wine drinkers to embrace them as part of their everyday enjoyment.

A flourishing French grape capturing plenty of fans thanks to its exquisite nature and, crisp dry finish, arneis is traditionally hard to grow, but not in the King Valley. At Chrismont, arneis has found its natural home where it floruishes under the region’s open blue skies and pristine cool climate.

Thank you AAVWS and a big congratulations to our winemaker Warren Proft and his team.


More than just a Wine Show!

The Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show is more than a forum for wines that fall outside the mainstream. We encourage cutting-edge judging procedures and provide a host of social and educational events that promote knowledge sharing and the ferment of ideas. In 2014 we instigated a fellowship for talented and passionate candidates to visit Mildura to experience the show and become new alternative variety ambassadors.

In 1999 Stefano de Pieri and Bruce Chalmers, along with Dr. Rod Bonfiglioli, initiated the Sangiovese Awards and continued in 2000 with the Australian Italian Wine Show. Following the success of these shows, the first Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show was held in Mildura in November 2001.

“I can think of no better place to be than in Mildura during the first week of November to take part in and celebrate the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show.” 

Jane Faulkner, Chief of Judges