“Another winery taking food, wine and design to an elevated level is Chrismont”

Tasting the sweet life

Forget champagne, prosecco is the new kid on Australia’s sparkling wine block, as writer Kerry van der Jagt discovered on a recent exploration trip of Victoria’s King Valley.

 The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, May 7, 2017


“Another winery taking food, wine and design to an elevated level is Chrismont, our final stop.

Here we meet owners Arnie Pizzini (cousin to Fred) and his wife Jo a their newly opened cellar door, restaurant and larder, a contemporary structure that seems to float above the vineyards.

“We are still a young wine region,” Arnie explains, pouring a La Zona Arneis 2015, with its crisp apple and pear flavours. “Ripe for alternative plantings of grapes that have never been grown locally.”

The restaurant, with its open space and sweeping views, pays homage to Jo’s Sicilian background.

Garlic prawns and a Sicilian green olive salad are followed by slow-cooked lamb shoulder and local spatchcock stuffed with rice and roasted vegetables. A well-stocked larder of house-mmade Italian goodies such as biscotti, pickled zucchini and sesame torrone are available as takeaway.

We take our desserts to the balcony, where Arnie joins us for a final glass of prosecco. “The simplicity of prosecco is the beauty of prosecco,” he says, raising a glass, a statement that could stand easily for the region, or holidays in general.”